The Center for Science Education

  • Conducts surveys and research and provides guidance to improve science and technology education in schools and communities.
  • Developsand implements programs to improve the teaching skills of school teachers.
  • Works to develop facilities and equipment to achieve these goals.

Importance of Connecting with Science Education Partners Overseas

Because Japan is a country of islands surrounded by the sea, it has been a significant challenge in the field of education to help students understand Japan's position within world affairs and equip them with strong international sensibilities. Even in the field of science, there is an ever increasing demand for the cultivation of individuals who have an international perspective and who can demonstrate their skills under various types of conditions both in Japan and abroad.

The Center for Science Education aims to cultivate individuals with an international perspective by promoting active exchanges with overseas science education professionals. It also supports overseas teachers and students who want to learn about science education in Japan, and strives to contribute to the international community through these efforts.

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